EYE ON ME – Range Balls with their Eye on CONTACT!



Hello, I am Robert D. Sanders, a 69-year-old golfer who never got the knack of keeping my head down and my eye on the ball, until I came up with this idea.

I was on the range one day and attempting to do what everybody said I should do, keep my eye on the ball!! I found that to be very difficult, as I am sure 90% of the golfing public do. Suddenly it hit me! Why have the ball look back at you !!

Eye contact is very important in dealing with others….why not apply that to the golf ball? By redesigning the range ball I can make learning to play golf a much smoother process. So began my “EYE ON ME” project.

I originally started this about 10 years ago. Working with a development company to apply for a design patent, I ran out of funds to see the complete project through. The company was later caught up in a class action suit and I recently got some money refunded.

I now realize that this was one of the best original ideas of my lifetime and now have dusted off my 10-year-old prototypes and am currently building the website to be advertised to the golf professionals who buy range balls.  I intend to bring a better range ball to the world, and enhanced pleasure of the game for beginners and who knows who!! How about the First Tee program ? What a tool this could be for that program!!   Follow this link to learn more and spread the word to your golf club or range!!